Thursday, March 26, 2015


Mrs. Tires and I were heading back home after a road trip that brought us to Washington DC, the Smoky Mountains, Nashville and Memphis.  As we left Memphis and headed towards Chicago, we noticed we were quite close to Mississippi. Neither of us had been to Mississippi before, so we decided to take the quick jaunt to the state for the sole purpose of saying we'd been there. This involved heading south instead of north, but we convinced ourselves it would be worth it. 

After a few loops, ramps and wrong turns, the mile markers on the highway indicated we had made it into Mississippi. However, we didn't see the "Welcome to Mississippi" sign we were intent on photographing to prove we'd been there. We had already burned more time than we anticipated, so after a few exits, we gave up on the sign and got off a ramp to turn around. Turns out we were one exit too hasty in making this decision. As we pulled off the highway, we saw the sign in the distance. We captured this photo as we zoomed past. Look for the blue sign to the right of the merge sign in the photo below. 

The "quick jaunt" cost us an hour, which was not a big deal at the time, but became a bigger deal later, when we were exhausted at the end of a long day of driving and still had an hour to go. What's worse, the photo of the sign at the Mississippi border was lousy. Serves us right for forcing the issue. 

And that's my story about Mississippi. 

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