Wednesday, May 6, 2015


After performing in the Austin Improv Festival in Texas and making a quick stop to clean house at the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma, my comedy group Dirty Water and I were cruising down the highway to get back to Chicago. To amuse ourselves on the long drive, we started tallying how many states each of us had visited. I had visited forty states at the time, which put me behind my friend Matt, who had visited forty-eight, but ahead the rest of the passengers, who fell within the respectable thirty state range. 

While perusing the map after the tally, I noticed our route would take us very close to the Kansas border. Only one of us had visited Kansas before, so we saw this as a tremendous opportunity to add to our totals. We altered our route ever so slightly to achieve this mighty accomplishment. 

When we got into Kansas, we stopped at a convenience store for a souvenir to prove we had been there, and then headed on. After about ten minutes of driving, we got back on track and continued on down the highway.

And that's my story about Kansas.

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